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Kling Metaverse
3 min readFeb 12, 2022

After 2 massive airdrops (please make sure to claim the most recent one here), we are super excited to announce the next stage of the KLING metaverse project — the DEX listing which will be the main focus of this article and share some other useful updates with our fellow community members.

DEX Listing and Set up

We have decided the fair price for KLING would be $0.00015 — a price cheap enough that all of our members (regardless of social, economic and geographic boundaries) should be able to buy. This will vastly contribute to making KLING a huge community driven success.

We will be using this price to create the initial set up for a liquidity pool to be listed on Pancake Swap. The full scale LP pool is set to go live on 12 February 2022 4 PM PST so mark your calendars and make sure to get bUSD ready in your wallets to buy KLING at the earliest (FOMO is a word we definitely don’t love folks! :))

This DEX Listing will serve as a starting point for users to buy KLING at a discount before we make the eventual CEx listing on our roadmap.

Over the last few days, we have been slowly ramping up the liquidity pool in stages -

Stage 1: starting with 15K dollars and an equivalent value amount of KLING tokens on Feb 7th

Stage 2: Adding 60K dollars to LP on Feb 10th

Stage 3 (to be launched soon): Adding up to 300K dollars to the LP. This is gotten out of money raised by our private investors in exchange for locking up equivalent KLING at a discounted price (0.0001$)

We are only at Stage 2 and there are already waves of KLING buying going on — with the price jumping up 100% (till 0.0003) without even making an announcement. This is a testimony to the future potential of KLING and with Stage 3 launching soon, the only way is up fellow apes!

In the coming sections, we will be talking about other relevant updates for the protocol.

Treasury Setup

With the initial mint of KLING tokens complete, we are in the works of formalising the treasury structure. We will start by transferring all KLING tokens to a multi-sig wallet whose key holders will consist of team, mods, key public figures and eventually would be transitioned to the community through governance.

We will eventually be coming up with a DAO and will surely share details at the earliest!

Games Launch — Idle Mine and Match NFT & Win

As discussed in our roadmap, we are striving (our devs even more relentlessly than we are) to ensure that 2 of our planned games — (1) Idle Mine (2) Match NFT & Win will be launched very soon — this quarter at the latest.

We will be sharing articles for the mechanics and math (for all you super curious nerds) of these games in the spirit of transparency. This will help us gather feedback in ensuring a steady form of revenue to the treasury — which as mentioned above will be owned by the community.

Community Activities

We have already received a lot of community support from y’all and are extremely grateful for it. What we want is to bootstrap this even more and amplify the engagement of our community.

In the spirit of this, over the next few weeks we will be making some announcements in our discord channel for community activities/competitions. As generous as we like to be, we will be rewarding the winners of these activities quite handsomely! Make sure y’all participate and may the best ape win!


To conclude, we wanted to assure our wonderful community again that we are committed to the long term sustenance and growth of the KLING metaverse (Remember WAGMI!!!!!!). We are really excited to take the first step in that direction with our IDO and games’ launch coming up soon.

Join our discord and follow us on Twitter to be a part of KLING community and be up to date with the latest announcements and happenings.




Kling Metaverse

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