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4 min readApr 26, 2022

Hi my fellow apes! I know it’s been a while but believe me when I say that the team is working very hard on getting our products out and to this end, the team has been striving tirelessly.

In this article, we will be presenting a few updates with y’all including a huge announcement at the end — so make sure y’all read till the end! Without further ado, let’s get this started!!!!

First up on the list — let’s talk about the health of the token.

Token Health

We are super grateful for all the overwhelming support we have been receiving from you guys and the truth is in the numbers.

As promised in our previous article, we have gotten more liquidity for KLING and as it currently stands, the liquidity in the pool is ~400K which shows that we are true to our promises! Do note that this liquidity is locked to show our fellow community that we are here for the long haul.

We can see that since we last posted, the price has jumped from around 0.0003 to 0.0005 which is almost a 2x jump indicating we are at good health and the community really believes in us. We are generating MASSIVEEEE wealth for all our KLING users so definitely hop onboard the ship. No FOMO folks!!! WAGMI!!

The journey has only begun and there’s only one way from here — TO THE MOOOOOON!

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the new game in the development pipeline, Match2Earn.


As mentioned in our previous article, Match2Earn is one of the first games we aim to launch (expected by end May) and we have been prioritising this. We will be explaining a bit more about this game.

Match2Earn is a one of a kind concept looking to overthrow the current perception of NFTs. We are not looking to just launch some typical collection of 10000 PFPs for you apes to buy. We wanted something different for our beloved community and pushed ourselves to come up with a revolutionary concept. INSTANT NFTs. Let’s take a look further as to what these are.

Unlike traditional NFTs whose value are tied to market speculation and hype for the pump and FUD for the dump, our value proposition are to use NFTs that are backed by objective value.

How are these NFTs backed by objective value you ask? Let’s take a look at the game mechanics to find out.

Game Mechanics

Overview of Match2Earn Game Mechanics

A step-by-step explanation of this flow is:

  1. The user connects their wallet (obviously loaded with KLING)
  2. The user is prompted to guess the colours of the NFT (Only 2 colours) they will be minting.
  3. In order to unveil the mystery NFT minted, the user will pay a tiny premium (Don’t worry, we’re making sure everyone around the world can play :D).
  4. Depending on the guess, the payouts can range anywhere from 4X to 10X. Yes, you heard that right! 10 FREAKINGG times your money.
  5. The payout can be claimed by redeeming your NFT. Hence, the name Instant NFT! NFT flipped in and out of your wallet in a second leaving a shit ton of KLING tokens behind!

Why are we doing this and throwing money you ask? Well we love our community and we want to ensure we continuously grow it even if means we have to take the L. Happy community = Happy Token after all!

Yes yes, we know what you’re thinking? What about the losers? As much as we don’t want losers on the game, such is the way of life but we are taking steps to ensure that the game is fair — hence, we are including a special reward system for our losers.

Although this might not be part of the initial test launch, we promise to add these features and are working tirelessly with our dev team to push this out A-frikkin-SAP.

Staking Lo$er NFTs

Once someone loses, the instant NFT can be redeemed for 0 KLING and you’re obviously thinking this makes no sense but we are making sure there is utility for these “Loser NFTs”. We will provide the functionality of staking these instant NFTs for a handsome APR in KLING. This does not mean this is limited to the loser NFT, but anyone can stake these NFTs and later redeem it for the value promised (for the winners). More details on these APRs will be revealed soon.

That’s all are the updates for the new game. Stay tuned, make sure you’re following us on Twitter and are part of our Discord. We will be posting more information there soon.

There will be limited spots for our Beta testing (APE TRANSLATION: LIMITED SPOTS FOR FREEEEEEE KLING) so keep those ape eyes and ears close!


As always, we want to let y’all know that we are always looking out for new ideas to potentially grow our community. Have any suggestions/ideas for improvements to the game? Make sure you head to our discord and voice your thoughts, We truly believe that we are all responsible for building this mighty empire and are hence all entitled to the wealth that this protocol brings on!

Signing off folks! Until next time!



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